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“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2014! Wishing you health, wealth and love. May you never have to go searching for work if you are a freelancer! haha!

I ended 2013 and am kicking off 2014 with some volunteer work in the Philippines with All Hands Volunteers on Project Leyte. My return to New York is TBD but it’s looking more like February now. While I’ll only be with AHV until mid-January, I’ve decided to take this time to travel on this side of the world a bit. Gotta make the most out of that 28 hour trip from New York. Economy of scale and all that jazz. I will definitely be available for work starting in March so feel free to shoot an email over if you have a project for me. Until then, kick 2014 off with a bang and have a good show. 


On to the next one…

Hello friends and colleagues. 2013 has gone by like a blur and 2014 is almost upon us. I want to thank everyone who I have worked with this year, those who have put in those long hours on tough days in the office and on location…you all truly make my job worth it (usually). Thank you for your incredible patience through some challenging times this past year. A show is a show but it’s the people that you work with that make the real difference. 

My deepest thanks and gratitude, 



Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you stopped by. First things first, you’re probably wondering if you’re saying my name right.

Ethrina = E3NA

E (like the “e” in “met”)

3 (yes, just like number)

NA (like the “nu” in “nut”)

See, it’s easy! Now that we have that out of the way, feel free to check out the other sections. 

Thanks again for the visit!

Ethrina Reyes